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This new version is so much better than the other ones. You have large cards and Encore finally got it right!!! Lots of card games to choose from.


The app goes ino "Lockup" of the computer. 5 out of 5 times. The worst part the Tech Support is non existent. Tried to contact my email and phone. Dont waste your money!

Hoyle Card Game

Crashes and causes all kinds of glitches on the computer at least 4/5 games!

Not as Advertised

When reviewing information about this app, it states it was released Nov. 24, 2011. After purchasing this app, I noticed when you select About Hoyle Card Games, it states 2007? While I havent found all the flaws, one that I have found is that you can only purchase 100 items from a reward catalog that is much bigger. When you reach the maximum count on items, it recommends you sell some items. Took me lots of searching on the internet to figure out how to do that, and when I did figure it out, and you sell an item, it is removed from your inventory of items, but the count does not reduce. I found an item that keeps replicating itself everytime I sell an item. Also, buying the items is pretty much useless because you can only mostly add them to your very tiny avatar!

Waste of money - Horrible game play

I thought this would be great, as I love playing Euchre and hearts on my iPad and iPhone. This game is painfully slow and with no easy way to speed up game play or turn the annoying talking off. Dissapointed

Hoyle Card Games

I was forced to upgrade to icloud and I lost my old Hoyle Card Games so I downloaded this one today, ignoring the reviews because I thought they were wrong. They were correct. Hoyle has drastically changed everything and they are not user friendly at all. I thought this was an old game and that Hoyle had gone out of business. They should. What a waste of $20.


Cant you get it straight ? I just want to play cards. I dont want all this fancy stuff. I cant turn off the terrible sound, and the games are hard to figure out.

Buyer Beware!

It says there are 150 card game variations. There are ONLY 20 games on the app for 20.00! I complained loudly. Got my money back! Shame on Apple. I liked my previous version better. Also this is not a new game. It is a 2007 version. Deserves zero stars!


This game does not work on a screen that is 1440x990 it stretches the screen and you cant even play the cards nor see the people when your playing. Alot of the games the rules are different then what I am use to playing online and they are wrong. Please fix the game so people who have wide screens can play the other games and also learn the rules of the games that are online. It will make everyone happy and your application will sell quicker.

Hoyle Card Games

Frankly, this is the best card game for sale anywhere.....that is if you are one who knows how to play cards.


What a lousy app.

Old Fashioned, Hard-to-Use Application

This is a badly designed, dated looking app with lots of bad features and usability problems. In some games, it is very easy to discard a card you are trying to play because the interface is so lousy, and there is no way to undo it. Its not easy to use, and its full of annoying little shortcomings (e.g. if you disable background music in the options, it still plays a loud, obnoxious tune every time you open it). Save your money and buy something else.

Not Bad

I honestly dont know what all of the bad reviews are about. This is the same Hoyle Card Games that Ive played on the PC for a really long time and have purchased for my iMac now that Ive upgraded. The games are enjoyable, the music can be turned off as well as character speech so that isnt a problem either. If youre looking for a fun collection of card games with a good interface, this is a really good collection.

Plays well, worth the $

I can change the speed of the game and turn off the music and speech. Not sure if the others who complained have a bad version or dont know how to use it. Except for an error on the poker play, I havent found any other problems. I like the versions of the solitaire games.


I want my money back! Customization for this game is terrible. Completely outdated with a terrible design. Really upset that I cant play single suite spider solitaire. The only game i will play on this program is euchre, so i paid $20 to play freaking euchre!

Run Away From This Crappy App!!!

I should have read the reviews BEFORE throwing away $20.00!! Once into the game, extremely hard to shut it down. I’ve had to force quit to escape, but when I rebooted - this HTD (Hoyle Transmitted Disease) popped back up. What a flipping waste.

played for years & like it a lot

the cribbage, gin, hearts are my favorites.

Terrible Customer Support

I bought this game and played it for a long time, certainly over a year. Then it just crashes upon starting. To me, it’s obvious that a supporting file, such as a configuration file, is corrupt. Trash that file, everything should be fine, right? So I asked customer support, "Its obvious that a supporting file is corrupted. Where are the supporting files on a Macintosh?” Their response? "Thank you for contacting Customer Support. Unfortunately we are unable to provide the information being requested.

Who cares about the release date?

Mz.. wrote that the write-up claims the product was released in 2011, but internally it says 2007. So what???? The original version for Windows is from 2007. The Mac version, which works almost exactly like the Windows version came out in 2011. I find that the Mac version works just fine. No crashes, no surprises. When I trashed my Windows computer to get an iMac, this application was the one I most missed. In reading the other reviews, it is clear that many of the users have no idea how to use this app, and at least one user cannot count. How come I found the exit button, and others cannot? How come I found how to turn off the sound and others cannot? Yje review that claims only 20 games is obviously counting only the gamae categories. I wonder what caused other users to crash their computers. The game operates just fine on mine.

Not as advertised

Had Hoyle on a CD and decided to spend the money to have it in my apps. Bad choice. This version is not flexible, does not have as many games and only one version of poker. Definetly no worth the money.

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